Here’s a fun fact to help answer that: pet food like kibbles were born out of necessity during the World War II when manufacturers needed to make them available in paper bags and boxes instead of cans.

The short answer is yes

What does your pet know about food storage freshness that you’re probably not aware of? 


Here’s a fun fact to help answer that: pet food like kibbles were born out of necessity during the World War II when manufacturers needed to make them available in paper bags and boxes instead of cans. Dogs have been eating kibbles since then, but their discerning tastebuds did not change much, nor did the way that they taste food – so fresh, crispy kibbles are definitely preferred than soggy, less palatable ones.

Fast forward to the modern 21st century today. Kibbles are now part of any household with pets – and the factor that could determine whether your pet looks forward to lunch daily or lose interest in their food altogether might just be your food storage container.


Let’s face it: food storage containers are Mom’s expertise. For the rest of us amateurs who don’t quite get that thrilling excitement of matching different colored Tupperware to that kitchen towel, or are simply clueless about domestic lifestyle, food storage containers can be a confounding topic – let alone pick one that does a proper job.


Which is why, our blog today walks you through Food Storage Container Basics 101 – and how our new HOUM’s Food Storage Vacuum Container can help you store food for longer, fresher, and tastier that can fit your lifestyle too. Not bad for a start now, isn’t it?

The first rule to remember is that not all food storage containers are built the same.


Sure, most plastic food storage containers keep your food contained and hygienic. And yes, most of them are airtight to maintain flavor and to minimize food spoilage. Yet, the similarities stopped there, because common plastic food storage containers can be a risky investment due to their poor quality. For one, these food containers are usually less durable and are prone to damage or degradation over time. They might even be costly – and can pose a hazard to your health or the environment because of their inherent harmful chemical materials.


So, how can you choose the proper food storage container that is serious about its job and also keeps your food safe? (Extra brownie points if Mom approves, and if it matches your home kitchen background.)

Here are some quality traits that a good food storage container has: 

-Made from food grade materials and is BPA-free

-Long lasting or durable


-Leak-proof and sealed tightly to prevent air contamination or microorganism growth due to moisture

-Easy and convenient to use

HOUM’s Food Storage Vacuum Container


Our product is the ideal example that has all the quality traits as above. With two choices to choose from, namely the FB 13 (13L) and FB 10 (10L), you can now store food such as rice, grains, pasta, cereals or biscuits for more and longer. The Food Storage Vacuum Container is vacuum-sealed automatically and can adjust the pressure within to lock the container and prevent leakages. You can also store air-sensitive food like coffee beans, tea leaves, and even kimchi, as well as – you guessed it – pet food to maintain freshness and flavour. Lightweight and made of FDA-approved food grade materials, it is safe, durable and rechargeable with long-lasting, energy-efficient battery. .


You can count on the FB 13 or FB 10 to help you out on busy kitchen days too. Want to keep cut fruits firm and crisp without browning in the air while you are busy with other chores? Pop open the Food Storage Vacuum Container and keep them inside. Need to thaw that meat from the refrigerator but want to keep pests and microorganism contamination away from it? Transfer it into the food container and press the button to seal it with vacuum. Having guests over and needed to keep vegetables fresh in time to cook for dinner? Just use the Food Storage Vacuum Container.


And when you have emptied the last of your stored food in the Food Storage Vacuum Container, you can wash and dry it easily to keep other food in turn. It is moisture-proof; so you have one more less worry to think about when you need to keep your groceries free from contamination and fresh for consumption.


Easy convenience for tasty food storage? 

That’s just our HOUM’s FB 13 and FB 10 Food Storage Vacuum Containers. Be sure to check them here – your healthy living deserves to be prioritized always; so why not upgrade your lifestyle with HOUM’s premium products today?