Uplift and Upgrade Your Spaces at Home with the HOUM Metal Series Fan

Have a space or room at home that you want to decorate or give a makeover to?  

HOUM Metal series fan can help you with just that – and don’t take the fan’s classic and simple design at surface value; there is more to the fan series that can help elevate your space interior and uplift its ambience. 

Aesthetics + Functionality + Practicality = Winning Décor.  


Decorating a room is more than just aesthetics – one should consider the functionality and also the practicality of the appliances or furnishings that are to be added to the room, as they play an important role in bringing out the right ambience and utility of a space without breaking your budget. Here are some ideas on the spaces at home that you can place the HOUM Metal series fan in, and how the fan series help to brighten up the rooms

Bedroom: Optimized functionality through sleek design and sturdy built

Invest in the HOUM Metal series fan for your bedroom and place the fan strategically in a corner of the space for optimal breezy aeration and complete air circulation. With its quality design and strong materials, the HOUM Metal series fan gives optimum function consistently due to its stability and durability. Now you can sleep peacefully and lull yourself into a dreamland every night with the fan’s comfortable breeze and wind

Nursery room: Serenity at a glance. 

Bring a cozy and serene vibe to your nursery room that comforts and lulls your little one into a restful sleep with the HOUM Metal series fan’s classic and minimalist aesthetics. Match the background of the room with either champagne gold, matte black or stainless steel colours of the fan – and let it enhance the atmosphere by blending into the décor seamlessly and effortlessly. 

Living room: Features that bring high performance.

Aerate your spacious living room area with the HOUM Metal series fan: choose airflow volume and speed from its variable 3-speed settings, and let the air completely circulate your living room with the fan’s convenience of 85 degrees oscillation and tilt functions. You’d be surprised at just how powerful is its performance; why not delight your guests too by setting a cool, comfortable climate while you entertain them in your living room with the HOUM Metal series fan? 

Dining room: High end look for less. 

Cost-saving and energy-efficient, the HOUM Metal series fan is the perfect addition to your dining room space that creates a polished, aesthetically-pleasing look without breaking your budget – even for the long run. Pair it together with your favourite china, tabletop decorations or lighting, the HOUM Metal series fan instantly lifts the mood and whets the appetite for meals with its efficient features that work without a glitch; so, you can just sit back and enjoy its perks at all times. 

 With its amazing features, the HOUM Metal series fan is a delightful and powerful package – a definite asset to be added to any home that can enhance and liven up your space. 

Already looking for the HOUM Metal series fan for your home now? 

That’s great – because you have just made the best choice. 


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