Yuragi application in the HÖUM X12 Smart Fan series: how does it create better comfort for you?

Picture the humidity and the heat from the hot afternoon weather of Malaysia, it is sure to make you reach out to turn on your air-conditioner to cool down. But do you know that the electrical fan at your home can be the perfect substitute, or at least a complementary alternative, to your cooling air-conditioner at home?      


In this modern day and age, electrical fans have evolved in terms of technology and design to become an important application in today’s household. Coming a long way since the days of the first invented ceiling fan by Philip Diehl in 1882, we have since seen electrical fans in many shapes, sizes, and forms – and the constant evolution of the electrical fan’s design only mean that we will continue to experience more advanced and futuristic versions of the humble cooling appliance. 


What is the Yuragi concept? 

Nature has common fluctuations phenomena that can be observed frequently, and these phenomena have been intelligently adapted into modern-day technology and design to better benefit us today. 

The Japanese has a term for this fluctuation pattern – which is named Yuragi. Yuragi is synonymous with the existence of placid breeze on grass plains, rolling sea waves and can even be found in the rhythm of classical music. This concept of Yuragi has been well-incorporated into the design of fans to mimic the gentle breeze found in nature that can give comfortable cooling without overwhelmingly harsh air volume.  

Introducing the HÖUM X12 Smart Fan series that applies the Yuragi concept in its smart features with its 7+5 double airfoil blades design. With a wider cooling area, there’s more room for improved airflow – which means that it helps you to relax more and maintain external body temperature consistently. 

How does the HÖUM X12 Smart Fan series benefit you and your space?

Air movement that is created by a fan will accelerate our natural cooling process by creating a phenomenon known as “wind chill”. Air that moves over our skin evaporates the sweat on our skin’s surface – making us feel as much as 4 cooler; which is the very essence of the “wind chill” phenomenon. So, in reality, fans do not really cool a room, but instead cool our body temperatures. 

Another important factor to understand is that the more blades that an electrical fan has, the faster is its speed, and the lower is its noise. Fans that have more blades produce a “smoother” airflow as compared to fewer blades’ fans that tend to have “choppy” or harsher airflow.  

With its aerodynamically designed 7+5 double airfoil blades – which makes its airflow a consistent yet gentle one – and smart features such as the Natural Mode to mimic the Yuragi application, the HÖUM X12 fan series can thus give you gentler and smoother wind comfort in rhythmic pattern for your space. You can now relax more, sleep better and experience cooler air in your space with the HÖUM X12 fan operating in the background. Together with its clean and minimalist design, the HÖUM X12 fan can fit anywhere within your premises – uplifting the vibes and mood in your space to a classy one, while being powerfully efficient at the same time. 

So, you can kickback in your space with the HÖUM X12 fan series, enjoy its gentle cooling, and indulge in the comfortable ambience. Now, why worry about needing an escape from the hot weather when you have the HÖUM X12 fan series at home?  


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